Strategic Business Planning:

 Informed by research and consistent with sound business principles, plans develop action steps and team structures that result in the implementation of strategies to achieve goals that are consistent with mission. Developing an organization's theory of change has helped many leaders navigate through the complex systems in which they work. 

Facilitation and Board Development:

 Collaborative design results in the successful facilitation of board, staff and community meetings and retreats, as well as meetings to explore collaborations among organizations.  

Leadership and Organizational Restructuring or Transition

 Objective outside counsel guides a process that minimizes disruption to the organization and improves the opportunity for success after a major restructuring or leadership transition. 

Resource Development

 Following an assessment of internal capacity, strategic counsel results in fundraising plans and support to capitalize new initiatives that will diversify revenue sources. Board development is often key to success. 

Earned Income and Social Enterprise Readiness

 Assessment of current earned income strategies and pricing often leads to counsel related to an organization's readiness to increase earned income or launch a social enterprise. 

Financial Management

 Financial modeling enables clients to integrate budgeting, planning and financial reporting; counsel on the creation of dashboard reports enhances financial accountability; a review of banking services often reduces costs.