"How to Price Strategically"

 This article grew out of a presentation to the Social Enterprise Alliance conference.
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"Monitoring Your Organization's Financial Health: A CEO's Guide"

 A client inspired this article after a painful experience of learning that his former CFO had not produced the reports to the CEO and board that are necessary to provide adequate oversight.
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"How Can You Gain Your Donors' Trust?

 A survey highlights the need to re-capture people's confidence. How should you begin?
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Business Models for New Organizations, Programs, or Social Ventures

 Webcast offered by the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management in Chicago,  Co-presenter, Tracey Wiseman 

Review of Bonnie Koenig's book on "going global"

Jean  recommends many of Koenig's ideas for organizations that want to serve clients or members outside the United States.
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Good Ideas from Clients

 Our clients are the source of good ideas in many areas:
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Writing and Presentations